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illumiSAFE: Elegantly designed smart lamp that conceals a gun safe

You’ll be glad knowing that now you can connect to your safe and check in on your valuables from virtually anywhere in the world. Odon safes have just launched world’s fully automated personal safe hidden in a smart lamp. The next generation illumiSAFE is created to provide you a secret and easy-to-access space for hiding your gun, sensitive items and any other valuables.

For more than a decade safety technology has remained mostly unchanged with only minor developments in the lock mechanism. This time, the key intention of Odon was to replace inaccessible and inconvenient keypad or lock-and-key safes, and to make such accessories an integral part of your home decor. Moreover, in this tech-friendly world, nobody wants to sport those traditional and outdated safes.

The safe is beautifully built in a variety of lamp body option including brass, glass, stone walnut and mother of pearl. The illumiSAFE extends upward from the lamp base, and allow secure access to yours stored valuables. The inner compartment has built-in six small and three big drawers, necklace hangers, watch holder and firearm holder.

The fully functioned smart safe in the lamp includes wireless and off-site connectivity, which allows you to control the safe from any location in real time, via a secure, smartphone app or RFID key. In addition, the smart lamp safe gives you emergency alerts via app notifications.

The smart lamp safe is up on Kickstarter for crowd-funding, and already the project looks on target to achieve the funding goal. In that case, the backers can expect to get illumiSAFE delivered to their doorstep in October 2017. For the ones interested in this home safe, pledging a minimum of $299 USD will get you this safe and some essential add-ons.

Keep your valuables safe inside the illumiSAFE lamp

illumiSAFE goes well with any kind of interiors

Smart-controlled secret vault for all your valuables 

illumiSAFE smart lamp by Odon Safes

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