Illusory Field Shelf – Can you see floating objects or not?

Ukrainian designer Dmitry Kozinenko has created an illusory Field shelf that plays with perception. It is a metallic shelving unit that whimsically makes objects appear floating in mid-air. Can you see the floating objects or not?

Well, there’s no magic trick. Basically the shelf consists of a rectangular and vertical plane formed by thin metal rods. The metal framework features carefully placed wire cutouts (or horizontal planes) to hold objects like vases, books, picture frames, etc.

Design of this particular shelving unit makes use of negative space with the metal framework to create visual illusion. When viewed from the front, the vertical rods appear straight. But on viewing from the side, you see all of the ledges.

This minimalist shelf can be mounted on any wall to hold different objects. Thus, makes it both a practical unit and a decorative element in any contemporary living room. Due to its sleek layout and transparency, it can easily blend into any available space.

Field shelf showcases “less is more,” and there is no need of unnecessarily huge materials when minimal objects can solve the purpose. It also teaches the viewers that visual perception exists with a dissent between physical and psychical reality.

Field Shelf by Dmitry Kozinenko

Illusory metal shelf makes objects appear floating in the air

Field Shelf by Dmitry Kozinenko

It makes use of negative spaces to create such playful illusion

Via: Prodeez

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