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IMAX Private Theater

IMAX to offer home-oriented private theaters

IMAX Private Theater

Some of us fortunate movie goers are certainly aware of the sheer audio/visual brilliance of IMAX theaters. But what if we told that you can have this very experience inside the comfort of your home? No, we are not bluffing! IMAX is now offering what they term as the private theater, a scaled down version of the original IMAX system that can be fitted inside your luxurious house. Endowed with the same level of advanced features that include ‘breathtaking 2D & 3D images, flawless sound and special theater design’, this home-oriented conception will be directly monitored by IMAX specialists. In this regard, the company will also offer the users their ’24×7′ service support with maintenance, performance tuning and even touted response times of less than 5 minutes. Of course, nobody claimed awesomeness comes cheap. The whole installation is surely to set you back by over a million dollars!

IMAX Private Theater

IMAX Private Theater

Via: IMAXPrivateTheater

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