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World map dining table

Imgur user builds world map dining table using wood burning tool

It might sound strange, but Imgur user Zending created a unique world map dining table to pass time. Posted four days ago on image sharing community, according to Zending, “he was bored and decided to build a dining table.”

The 6-feet long table made from pine wood is an ordinary minimal dining table. However, to add uniqueness and spice it up, Zending outlined the tabletop with a large picture of the world map. Following his instinct, he traced the world map onto the table with the help a large image and wood burner. He filled the land mass with black paint using a small paint brush. To give it a finishing look, the dining table was later stained and scrubbed to  achieve a smooth look. Coated with seven layers of polyurethane, the legs and four corners of the table are painted with apron black color.

A creative way to pass time, Zending not only transformed plain wood planks into  into a work of art, but also helped bring uniqueness to dining area. Here are some pictures posted by him on Imgur that showcase the wonderful transformation of an ordinary table into a piece of art.

World map dining table

The 6-feet long handmade dining table made from pine wood

World map dining table

World map traced onto the table

World map dining table

Outline of the map using wood burner

World map dining table

The land mass is filled with black paint using small paint brush

World map dining table

The world map dining table stained with seven layers of polyurethane

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