Improve Curb Appeal of Your Dwelling With Subtle Driveway Renovation

You might have heard of the term ‘curb appeal’ and be unsure as to how exactly it pertains to your situation. Put simply it is how your property appears to others. There are a variety of features which you can add or change in your property to make it look more desirable.

You might be looking to do this in order to make your house look better ready to sell it, or it can simply be so that it looks as good as the rest of the neighborhood. You might even just like the look of it yourself!

The driveway is one of the first things that most people see whether they are visiting your house or just passing by. In fact, it is surprisingly easy to upgrade your driveway and improve the curb appeal of your home.

The cover-up

A concrete driveway can be covered with gravel to completely change the look and feel of it. This is an attractive and often cost-effective solution. However, it is possible to go one step further than this and use a pour on resin.

This type of resin is simple aggregate mixed with a special resin, effectively gluing the stones together. The surface appears to be a cross between gravel and tarmac, shiny but stony. However, it is smooth and you will not be able to pick the gravel out!

It is called ‘pour on’ because it can be simply poured on top of your concrete after it has been treated. It is advisable to get professional help with this method of improving your curb appeal.

A bit curvy

Another way of improving the look of your driveway is to change the way it is shaped. Instead of being a direct route to the house or the garage you can make a circular route or even a turning point. You can also create specific parking points to help organize where your cars will be parked.

Of course, you will need enough land to create the extra parts of your driveway and it will take some work, ideally with a mechanical digger.

Don’t forget that all driveways need to have a hardcore base to avoid them simply sinking under the weight of your vehicles. The deeper the base, the stronger the driveway should be.

Repairing tasks

It is also possible to make your driveway look better by simply tidying and repainting it. This is particularly relevant for gravel, paving or even concrete driveways. Weed can grow in virtually any crack or through the gravel. A good dose of weed killer can transform the driveway and make the house look instantly more sorted.

You can also attempt to fill any cracks or holes which have appeared although this might not be a successful venture.

Don’t forget the sidewalk

Technically the sidewalk doesn’t belong to you. But, no matter how good your driveway looks curb appeal will be lost if the sidewalk is dirty, full of weeds or cracked. Avoid this issue by spending a few moments cleaning it up. You can always chase the matter up with your local council if it needs more intense work.

All these tweaks will help make your driveway appealing, and as a result, increase the overall appeal of your property. This will heighten the probability of your property selling at a higher rate than otherwise.

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