Tassimo Intenso coffee machine

Incredibly easy coffee with the Tassimo Intenso coffee machine

Tassimo Intenso coffee machine

While it’s not controlled by a smart phone like the iKettle we talked about previously, the Tassimo Intenso is a simple and easy to use coffee machine that is a much have for any of you out there with an intense need for coffee. The stylish Tassimo coffee machine is a pod based machine, it’s incredibly simple to use, just pop whichever pod you desire in to the machine, whether it’s a cappuccino, regular coffee or even a tea and the machine does all the work.

The Tassimo Intenso uses a “T-Disc” system which uses bar codes to detect and pour just the right amount of water, the brewing time and the temperature to make the perfect drink. There are a wide range of T-Disks (Pods) available including Caff Crema, Cappuccino, Tea, Espresso, Hot Chocolate, Latte, Coffee and more. One feature I found great is the fact that you can adjust the drink strength depending on how you like it, which is something that seems to be rare when speaking about pod-based machines.

The pods are easily available in supermarkets but they can all add up to be a bit expensive if you plan on buying a range of flavors. It’s fairly easy to clean, however it did take me a while to figure out how to remove the drip tray.

All in all, the machine is an amazingly easy way to make coffee and other hot drinks, so if you spend a lot of time making yourself cups of tea or coffee, then the extra expense of the pods can be worth it.

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