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Oxx Coffeeboxxx

Indestructible Oxx Coffeeboxx brews hot cuppa joe at construction sites

It is pretty easy for us to brew piping hot coffee at any time of the day at home or office, all thanks to our handy coffee makers. But such privilege is not available for workers at construction sites and similar rugged workplaces. This is because conventional coffee brewers cannot bear harsh environmental conditions of such onerous workplaces.

Not anymore, as Michigan-based startup Oxx has come up with the Coffeeboxx that is built to withstand exposure to the brutal elements such as dirt, water, debris and explosion; at tough working sites. Its rugged structure makes it water-resistant, crush-proof and dust-proof. Moreover, it can easily bear weight of a fully loaded truck without any scratch, thus making it impact-resistant as well.

Beyond its durable nature, the device comes with long retractable power cord and 2.6-liter water storage tank, which is sufficient to make enough coffee for all workers throughout the day. The portable coffee maker can prepare and serve a single K-cup of coffee within less than 90 seconds. It is available in three brewing size options i.e. 8, 10, and 12 ounces to meet demands of various individuals.

Recently, the coffee brewer is up on crowdfunding website Kickstarter to achieve a target amount of about $50,000. You can pre-order the Coffeeboxx from the campaigning website at early bird price of about $299. Check out the video and images given below to find out more about the coffee machine and share your views after the jump.

Oxx Coffeeboxxx

It can easily bear weight of a fully loaded truck without any scratch

Oxx Coffeeboxxx

The device comes with a long retractable power cord and 2.6-litre water storage tank

Oxx Coffeeboxxx

The coffee maker is water-resistant, crush-proof and dust-proof

Oxx Coffeeboxxx

It can serve a single K-cup of coffee within less than 90 seconds

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