Indian Girl Pedal powered Washing Machine

Indian School Girl’s Pedal-Powered Washing Machine

In rural India electricity is scarce, and every person’s ability to afford a washing machine is also not a common affair. In order to solve these problems to an extent, Remya Jose, a 14-year-old school student from Kerala has developed a pedal-powered washing machine, which doubles as an exercise machine.

The washing machine has a very simple design. It comprises of an aluminum box containing cylinder made from iron mesh. The metal cabin is connected to a bicycle frame (pedals, and seat included), which makes it look and function like an exerciser.

Clothes are put into the iron netted drum, and it is filled with water up to the level of the clothes, washing powder is added and then the machine is pedaled for about four minutes, the cylinder rotates at very high speed and washes the clothes thoroughly.

Once, the clothes are washed, the soapy water drains out and fresh water is added to rinse, by pedaling for few more minutes, clothes are rinsed well, water is drained out and the clothes are dried to almost 80 percent.

The most exciting thing about Remya’s pedal-powered washing machine, born from her detest to washing clothes by hand, is that it requires no electricity to operate.

The washing machine is really affordable at ₹2000 (~$30), is really portable and can be any person’s best way of keeping fit while doing laundry.

Hit the jump to see, Remya demonstrate the working of her pedal-powered washing machine in the video.

Via: NIF

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