Flying mini-robot cleaners

Innovative Mab flying mini-robot cleaner wins Electrolux Design Lab 2013 contest

Mab autonomus cleaning robot

Time governs our life and given our busy schedule one thing that takes a back seat is cleanliness at home or office. We’ve seen a myriad of autonomous cleaning devices that have been designed exclusively to allow us to enjoy a little free time while it does the cleaning job. Taking this aspect to a new realm is Mab, a robotic cleaning device comprising of a fleet of flying robots, which cleans the house or office. Designed by Adrian Perez Zapata from Colombia, Mab has been adjust the winner at Electrolux Design Lab 2013.

The innovative robot cleaning device has been made to minimize daily cleaning issues of consumers and businesses and maximize their results. The Mod consists of hundreds of flying mini robots, which are designed to clean and wiping surfaces with individual drops of water. The autonomous Mab can scan and clean the house using the flying bot. The Mab first scans the house to see which area and surfaces require cleaning and then send out its swarm of flying bots to clean it.

Mab autonomus cleaning robot

Mab autonomus cleaning robot

Mab autonomus cleaning robot


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