fake tv light burglar deterrent

Install Fake TV light burglar deterrent and protect your home from thieves

 fake tv light burglar deterrent

Apart from being a place of refuge, your home can also be targeted for thefts and robberies by burglars and trespassers. Your dwelling is not only the place for you to relax and stay comfortable. It is also a home for your valuable belongings. It thereby becomes important to protect it from intruders and trespassers. A burglar deterrent is therefore a necessary device that every home must have. Blaine C. Readler, an award-winning novelist from Rancho Bernardo, California who is also an engineer has designed a burglar deterrent called as the Fake TV Light burglar deterrent. In your absence, this creates a fake impression on the trespasser that someone is present in your home and watching TV.

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Readler has designed a simple but really effective device to keep away any robbery or thefts from your house. This small device creates the alternating colors and vibrancy exactly like those created by scene changes, fades, swells, and on-screen motion on television shows, news programs and commercials when viewed from outside, it seems as if someone is inside the house and watching TV. As most of the robberies take place in unoccupied homes, a thief would not attempt to steal on a home where someone is present and watching TV. The device itself is small, but it recreates the lights emitted by a 27inch HDTV.

The Fake TV Light burglar deterrent runs on a timer that is preprogrammed to switch it on at dusk and continues working for four to seven hours. You can buy it at Amazon at a discounted price of $29.95. Whenever you are out for a vacation, switch the Fake TV light on and just aim it at your window. Your house will be safe from trespassers. Check out the video below to see the device in action:

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