Sushi Donut

Internet is drooling over hip food mashup of sushi donuts

Food mashup is the latest trend that has taken online world by swirl. From big bakeries to home chefs, everyone is trying their hands on creating something that is not just unique but tasty too. Somewhat similar to musical mashups the food mashup is creating something unique by combining two food items.

With online media going crazy over the latest food art trend, the latest take on food mashup is Sushi Donuts. A perfect mashup where sushi is morphed into a aesthetically pleasing donut is created by Instagram user and food blogger Sam Murphy aka SoBeautifullyRaw.

Made from components of sushi rice that is first cooled in a donut mold and then decorated with black sesame seeds, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo and avocado, Murphy’s sushi donuts are all vegan. However, there are foodies who are also incorporating fish, tempura to create sushi donuts.

A completely unique and unthinkable mashup, the idea of creating sushi donuts struck Murphy from National Donut Day experimentation and her love for sushi. Making the latest drool-worthy creations viral, foodies and food artists  from across the world are sprinkling the internet with sushi donut dishes they eat or prepare. Healthy to eat, here are some of the visually appeasing dishes posted online you would love to sift through.

Via: Mashable

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