Being a critic of any newly-launched RV is comparatively easier than building one. For nearly six years, Brian Fuente, CEO of Aero Build has been hammering away at his Nashville workshop to roll out the finest trailers in the RV industry. “I started designing and building trailers in 2017 (under Aero Build brand name), primarily renovating Airstreams and building and designing custom trailers for mobile businesses,” Brian tells me in an exclusive chat.

Over the years, Aero Build has helped entrepreneurs all over the country launch their mobile businesses. “On our commercial side, we are primarily building mobile coffee shops. Mobile coffee has become a big business in the US and there are no signs of it slowing down. And with our unique and beautiful trailer design, our clients are able to set their businesses apart from say a standard concession trailer or food truck,” he tells.

Podcast studios, mobile bars, hair salons, retail shops, you name it, Aero Build has built it all. “Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart and especially when it comes to trailer manufacturing. Think about it, we have to design and engineer these things to withstand 70+ mph winds and hurricanes. There’s a lot of engineering and design that is involved,” he points out.

Image: Aero Build

During its early days, Aero Build was only building a few trailers a year. “Now we are running production lines building 60+ units a year,” Brian reveals. However, it is for the first time that Aero Build is drifting from mobile business trailers and dipping its toes in the manufacturing of recreational vehicles.

Six years after the inception of the company, Brian and his team present a sleek and stylish Coast travel trailer that’s designed to run completely on electricity.

Image: Aero Build

With the hope of becoming the Tesla of campers, Aero Build has jampacked the trailer with sustainable accessories like the Moen Nebia showerhead, Havelock wool smart high-performance insulation, battery and water tank, and Firefly Integration’s smart home controls with remote monitoring.

Coast itself is a fully electric and luxury RV providing all the amenities one would want on the road. The 21 feet trailer (18 feet excluding the tow hitch) prioritizes comfort and offers a luxury interior to its occupants. Best suited for a quick weekend getaway, the Aero Build Coast makes traveling convenient and comfortable. No wonder, it starts at $124,900.

Image: Aero Build

“What sets Coast apart is the design, the sophistication, the intentional use of space,” Brian tells us. Aero Build has a video tour of the Coast showing the interior. The sitting area is equipped with cushioned benches and a convertible wooden table facilitates dining and working.

Accommodating up to four people, the Aero Build Coast trailer sleeps two on its convertible dinette while the other two can doze in the rear main bedroom featuring a gel memory full-size mattress. Boasting a functional design that is both timeless and trendy, the travel trailer is undeniably the most advanced, off-grid capable, luxury travel trailer of its size.

Image: Aero Build

Despite its petite size, Aero Build also packs a full bathroom with a toilet and spa-style shower inside. The shower utilizes 50 percent less water courtesy of Nebia, Moen’s water-saving shower head. Thanks to Havelock wool insulation, Coast stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Image: Aero Build

The kitchen is another highlight of the trailer. Boasting a Smeg dual-burner ceramic cooktop, a sink, a 278-liter combination refrigerator/freezer, multiple storage sections, and a hide-away bar rack, the trailer features one of the finest kitchens in the motorhome category.

Image: Aero Build
Image: Aero Build

Not to mention, the two flat-screen TVs and Starlink WiFi that would keep you socially updated even in remote areas. Further speaking on technology, Brian states, “With 810Ah of Lithium and 1360 watts of solar, this is one of the most off-grid capable trailers in the world. It’s literally a Smart Home on Wheels and can all be controlled and monitored by your phone.”

Image: Aero Build

Exhibiting a glossy black-and-white color scheme with panoramic windows on both sides of the trailer, the exterior of the Coast is as handsome as the interior. It is a fair amount of work that goes into building one such travel trailer and involves a number of different skill sets to get it rolling.

Opening up on his struggle on getting the right fit, Brian tells, “When we were designing the first model of Coast, we probably designed over 150 layouts before we committed to this one. It took a lot of discipline to commit but we finally did it and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how it turned out. The feedback we’ve received has been overwhelming and we’ve already pre-sold several units.”

Image: Aero Build
Image: Aero Build

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Speaking on the future of the RV industry, Brian stated, “I believe you are going to see a lot of innovation in the industry, especially in the eRV space. Historically, the industry has lacked innovation but I firmly believe that the current demand is quickly changing that. With the EV market growing as quickly as it is, the RV industry must adapt quickly.” 

Aero Build is currently working on a 26 feet model and a smaller 16 feet model which they hope to ship later this year. The company is also working on proprietary technologies that are sure to be a game changer in the industry.

Update: Hailed as the “Tesla of campers” the e-RV is now officially in production and available to order on the company’s official website. The price and other abovementioned features of the e-RV remain the same.


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