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iPad Pedestal Stand with toilet paper holder is a must have

Okay, I admit, I love carrying my smartphone or tablet with me into the bathroom even when I am their trying to stain myself through the nature’s call. What, even you like carrying the iPad into the bathroom? Well, if you do, and find it uncomfortable using it, for the simple reason that you have only two hands – welcome the CTA Digital’s toilet iPad stand tailor-made for the washroom with a toilet paper holder.

Priced at $45, the iPad Pedestal Stand may not be cheapest iPad accessory out there, but this chrome stand created in a solid metal base and a gooseneck mount – which makes it ideal to bend to any viewing angle at will, this is perhaps one of the most wanted accessories. Compatible with iPad versions 2, 3 and 4 (sorry iPad 1 users), the toilet iPad stand along with squatty-potty (to make your pooping easier) will definitely make you a hit with everyone who uses your bathroom.

Via: GearDiary/Gizmodo

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