Ipanema Lounge Chair Makes You Feel Like You’re Laying Under a Tree

Young Lithuanian designer Agota Rimsaite has created Ipanema lounge chair to help you get some privacy while relaxing outdoors. For those who love to soak in the sun on a beach or by the poolside, this quirky furniture piece is a great companion. It protects your eyes and face from harsh sun rays when you want to take a quick nap out in the sun.

Inspired by the shape of a palm leaf, two crossing ellipses form a dynamic construction. The roof attached can easily move to give you privacy. This roof can be extended down depending on how much privacy you want.

While the see-through roof of this chair isolates people around you, it still lets you enjoy the surrounding view. When the roof is on your head, it will give you a hypnotic feeling like you’re laying under a palm tree.

If you feel like getting an uninterrupted view of the environment while interacting with other people, you can easily move the roof back. Moreover, the curvy seating area of this chair is designed to support the curves of your body. You may even add more cushions or a soft sheet on it to make the chair feel even more comfortable.

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It seems to be a great outdoor furniture piece for people who love to spend time under the sky gazing at the mountains far away or enjoy the sun go down into the ocean. Find more information about this exquisite lounger on the designer’s website. Also, check out the video below to see how this chair works.

Image: Agota Rimsaite

Image: Agota Rimsaite

Image: Agota Rimsaite

Image: Agota Rimsaite

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