Making wine at home

iPhone-controlled Miracle Machine lets you make your own wine at home [Revealed fake]

Making wine at home

If you haven’t already mastered the skill of making finest wines, but have become a pro in brewing tastiest beer with gadgets like the Brewbot, then with the Miracle Machine you have a chance to change things. For all wine lovers, the ingenious Miracle Machine lets you prepare your own wine at home in about three days, all by controlling it with your iPhone. How much I love smartphone-controlled appliances now. The machine connects with the iPhone via Bluetooth, and using a dedicated iPhone app allows anyone to feed it with ingredients and make wine to taste.

The app lets you know the required ingredients for a particular type of wine, you collect all the ingredients and fill the Miracle Machine with it. Now, you can monitor the wine maturing into a consumable beverage through your smartphone. It takes no longer than three days to make your own wine with the Miracle Machine.

Kevin Boyer and Philip James, creators of the Miracle Machine, inform that they will soon launch wine-making kits, which will make available all necessary ingredients including grape concentrate, yeast etc., so users can easily make wine for themselves. The wine making Miracle Machine features thermo-plastic fermentation area, a thermoelectric heater, a temperature monitor, custom made microprocessor, motor to mix ingredients and Bluetooth antenna for connectivity. Slated for a retail price of $499, the Miracle Machine will soon hit Kickstarter to raise funding, check back soon.

Source: MiracleMachine Via: Mashable

Update March 20, 2014: 

We have to inform you with a heavy heart that the much appreciated Miracle Machine is only a hoax. According to Kevin James, one of the founders of the project, the Miracle Machine was a publicity stunt, designed to draw attention to Wine to Water, a non-profit organization providing access to clean water to people around the globe.  For details, read Drew Prindle’s story on Digital Trends.

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