IRIDE 01 floating suite

IRIDE 01 floating suite poses as the comfortable getaway to water side landscapes

Architecturally, the very idea of a habitable space floating on water opens up novel possibilities of a user’s  interaction with nature. This uniqueness of the situation also carries forward to other spatial factors like circulation pattern of the inhabitants and the organization of the structure hovering over the water. Taking all of these into consideration, the IRIDE 01 floating suite prototype (from Torrisi-Procopio) poses as your bantam yet efficient getaway to picturesque landscapes by the lakes, rivers and seas.

The 40 sq meter floating raft is fully modular in its structure, with 25 sq meter of usable circulation area. This modularity allows the length of the raft to be extended and retracted, along with structural applications of other removable components. Of course, as far as the degree of usability is concerned, it is the aforementioned circulation area that comes into the design’s limelight.

In that regard, this usable area is organized into a comfortable bedroom with bathroom facility. The circulation space is also expanded to a connected seating area with two integrated chaise longues. This special area serves as the ‘outdoor’ zone from where the users can have breathtaking views of the water and surrounding landscapes.

Finally, this level of visual interaction between the user and the landscape is improved by means of advanced electronic window opacifiers (that are fixed on relatively big windows). This visual effect is not limited to the user’s experience, but is also infused within the apt color scheme of the IRIDE 01.

Via: Nykyinen

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