iRock Rocking Chair charges docked iPhone and built-in speakers

Rocking chairs have come a long way from being old oak chairs to more impressive multimedia furniture units that can do a lot of wonderful things than just rocking to and fro. Case in point being the iRock chair by Micasa Lab, which has iPad and iPhone dock mounted on the right arm and speakers built-in on to the backrest. Besides letting you take a quick nap or rocking back and forth enjoying the music, the iRock also serves as a charger for the docked iDevices. The iRock has a generator built into the back of one of the rockers, which harnesses kinetic energy generated by rocking to power the mounted iPad/iPhone and the built-in speakers. If Micasa Lab is believed, an hour of rocking can charge an iPad 3 to about 35 percent.

Weighing in at 18kgs and measuring 1.2 meters long and 1.15 meters high, the rocking chair is made available in five colors – white, black, green, blue or red for €1,300 (approx. $1,700). The multimedia rocking chair isn’t compatible with Android devices, for now the iRock only supports a 30-pin dock connector.

Via: Gizmag/TrendHunter

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