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life-size replica iron throne

Iron Throne replica makes perfect Christmas gift for Game of Thrones fan

life-size replica iron throne

Sure, it isn’t possible for you to take home a real Iron Throne from the Game of Thrones series, since you will have to conquer the Seven Kingdoms for it. But thanks to Firebox and HBO, you have a chance to take home an Iron Throne to sit and command the Seven Kingdoms this Christmas. HBO licensed full-size replica Iron Throne is on sale at Firebox for a whopping price tag of £20,000 (approx. $32850). The chair, as it should be, is potentially lethal throne allegedly forged from thousand enemy swords (actual number is lesser) ensuring that who sits on it is reminded that it’s never easy to rule Seven Kingdoms.

The massive and asymmetric throne is a symbol of conquest. It is scary and not at all comfortable seat, but it is surely something you would want to grace your home with simply because your house needs the throne of swords. Weighing at 159kg the chair is delivered free by Firebox in six to eight weeks of order.

Via: Firebox

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