Snow Globe Sugar Bowl

Is it a snow globe or a sugar bowl? Well, it’s both!

Once upon a time, in a land far-far away, there was a beautiful snow-covered house resting on a kitchen countertop and the house was as sweet as sugar. Well, we’re not telling you an old fairytale but actually talking about a whimsical snow globe. But wait! Why does snow inside it seems like sugar? This is because it’s actually a sugar bowl in shape of eye-catching, playful snow globe.

Well, snow globes are loved by everyone, as these are attractive transparent spheres made of glass, enclosing miniaturized scene of a modeled landscape. To make it look more appealing, minute snow-like plastic of glitter particles are activated on shaking these playful spheres. These snow globes actually take you to another world for a while.

Tel Aviv-based studio Peleg Design wants to bring that same fanciful effect into your kitchen with chimerical snow globe sugar bowl. The sugar bowl is designed to add snow-like effects to your tea or coffee, making it eccentrically sweeter. This sugar bowl is not only aesthetically beautiful, but easy-to-use as well.

To fill the bowl, simply turn the globe upside down, twist the lid for opening and fill it up with your desired choice of sugar. Same way you can take out required amount of sugar to boost your daily caffeine dose, and after that you can display the globe on any shelf or table.

You’ll never want to hide your sugar bowl inside a cabinet, if you have this funky sugar container at home. You can purchase it online for just $20. As of now, check out the video and images given below to see how it actually works and do share your thoughts about this unusual sugar bowl, after the jump.

Snow Globe Sugar Bowl

The sugar bowl includes stunning fairytale house at center

Snow Globe Sugar Bowl

You can fill desired sugar within these attractive bowls

Snow Globe Sugar Bowl

Sugar can be filled by turning the snow globe upside down and opening its lid

Via: LostAtEMinor

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