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Bus living space

Israeli designer converts a decrepit bus into a living space

Bus living space

We might hear about Israel strategic and military importance in the international arena, but as a country Israel is actually very small with only around 22,000 sq km of area (for comparison’s sake, it is just as big as New Jersey). However, with its 8 million strong population, the tiny yet powerful nation also has a myriad of housing problems. Well, two Israeli women have come forth with their ingenious habitation solution that totally works around these spatial predicaments. Tali Shaul and Hagit Morevski have teamed up with designer Vered Sofer Drori to entirely convert a decrepit bus into a comfortable space for living.

The women bought the old transportation bus at a scrapyard, but it was their designer friend who formulated the changes to the design layout and the spatial zoning of the unique interior space (which was 2 m wide and 12 m long). This was deftly done by keeping some of the original features of the vehicle, like the large windows and the two doors, along with the large steering mechanism at the front end. The most obtrusive components to the living space were the protrusions inside this narrow area (offered by the bulging wheel covers). The layout ‘strategically’ traversed these obstacles by integrating a kitchen counter and a small dining table.

The overall zoning of the interior area comprises of conventional user spaces like a tiny bathroom, a bed, closet for storage and a full fledged kitchen. They are accompanied by some useful appliances like a stove and an air conditioner, thus ultimately providing a comfortable level of habitation inside a bus home!

Via: OddityCentral

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