Israeli engineer Asaf Shaltiel invents a smart shower with digital controls

It seems that the eternal quest for the ‘soothing, appropriate and optimized’ 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit has finally ended. Israeli engineer Asaf Shaltiel has remarkably concocted an ‘e-shower’ mechanism which can be touted as a  novel smart shower. Christened as the SmarTap (both the product and company), the contraption can automatically control its water discharge in regard to parameters like heat and pressure. So, in a nutshell, the shower device conveniently caters to users on a more personalized level that includes that optimized bath with the nigh perfect water temperature.

In a conventional showering scope, a dedicated user has to go through the unwieldiness of thermometers and manual adjustment. However, the SmarTap traverses this ambit by its preset buttons that allows a set temperature and pressure of water flow. More importantly, the user doesn’t needs to be physically present near the smart shower to input these commands. In this regard, the shower control is integrated with a Wi-Fi communication device. This device is paired with a digital controller that wirelessly transmits the user’s command to the shower’s ‘processor’.

Already introduced as a pilot program at two Tel Aviv hotels, the SmarTap also has a slew of other practical advantages. These include water saving features and mitigation attributes that can prevent harmful conditions like the severe Legionellosis (better known as Legionnaires Disease)

Via: Smartap-Tech

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