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It's Love 4D Printed Lamp

‘It’s Love’ 4D printed lamp stretches to form chandelier-like fixture

3D printing has taken the world by storm, due to its creative and fully-functional designs. But now, make way for the latest 4D technology that is considered even better. This is because objects made by 4D printing techniques are able to change their shape and size as per the environmental factors.

To give you a beautiful example of the latest technology, Taiwan-based firm DC for Life has come up with a unique lamp that has been printed on EOS P. It took 30 hours to print this exquisite pattern, but a regime should take no more than 20 hours. Designed by Tseng Yung-Ling, the 4D printed lamp is created to reveal ancient Chinese tracery- depicting the complexity of love, hence aptly named ‘It’s Love.’

Both its traditional pattern and lightweight structure evoke the play of light and shadows of love. The lamp is initially molded in one piece with compressed height of about 16cm, but it further stretches up to 50cm and locks itself to form almost a chandelier-like lighting fixture. It is available for sale on the company’s website for TWD $52,660 (approx. US $1,720).

It's Love 4D Printed Lamp

4D printed lamp is created to reveal ancient Chinese tracery

It's Love 4D Printed Lamp

It has been printed on EOS P

It's Love 4D Printed Lamp

It’s flexible structure can be stretched and locked to form chandelier-like fixture

Credit: 3DPrint

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