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iXoost XiLO Scuderia subwoofer

iXoost XiLO Scuderia subwoofer for music-loving gearheads

Italian company iXoost is well-known for creating stunning industrial-styled speaker systems, which are made from retired exhausts from various Formula 1 cars, Indy cars, and GT race cars. Another addition to its powerful sound systems is the XiLo Scuderia that’s the result of company’s fine mechanical workmanship.

Made from Chrome stainless steel exhaust and carbon fiber, the subwoofer is able to produce high quality sound. Moreover, a circular red base of the sound system adds eye-grabbing contrast to its industrial parts.

Comprising high-tuned nerves of a retired exhaust, the high-end subwoofer to adds musical touch to the sound of retired engines. Looks of this stunning subwoofer closely resembles XiLO Berlinetta, but both are quite different from each other. Berlinetta is a docking station for your iPhone, whereas XiLo Scuderia is more than just a subwoofer – it is a powerful music beast that will double up as stylish piece of home decor.

Although much information is not revealed about this gorgeous subwoofer, but it is limited to just 10 pieces. If you’re a fussy audiophile and looking for something unusual for your living space, XiLo Scuderia is made just for you. But you need to pay hefty price for it, as it costs €5900 (approx. US $6,702).

iXoost XiLO Scuderia subwoofer

Made from Chrome stainless steel exhaust and carbon fiber

iXoost XiLO Scuderia subwoofer

XiLO Scuderia subwoofer by iXoost

iXoost XiLO Scuderia subwoofer

High-performance sound system

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