Jack Rack

Jack Rack is a key hanger for every music lover’s home

Now, convert your simple key hanger into a sensationally amplified  hanger with Jack Rack by Pluginz, a key hanger inspired by musical instruments. The Jack Rack is a handy and mini amplifier that is designed to hold your keys with the help of audio jack key chains. Started in February 2015 as a Kickstarter project, the key hanger successfully raised $10,007 with the help of 161 backers, and it is now selling amped key hanger to music lovers.

Designed to be a perfect household accessory for musicians and music lovers, the jack racks complete set comes with key hanger and two input jacks, which work as key chains. The base of the key hangers resemble a guitar amplifier, which is accessorized with ¼-inch jacks and matching plugs to hang keys.

Each hanger is made from 1/8 inch thick plastic carved in the shape of Guitar amplifier. Available in three styles i.e. vintage, dirty Shirley and legato. To make sure, that you don’t lose your keys, the company is also providing keychain necklaces to its buyers.

Jack Rack is available on the company website. The key hangers ranges from $29.99 to $34.99 each. Whether you want to use it for personal purpose or present it to a friend; the key hanger with key chains can be useful in either ways.

Jack Rack

Jack Rack by Pluginz is a key hanger with key chains

Jack Rack

Maple and Walnut prototype Jack Rack

Jack Rack

Available in three styles – vintage, dirty Shirley and legato

Jack Rack

Order extra key chains or necklace made from key chains


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