Jamy toaster prints weather forecast on your toast for breakfast

Okay then, how many times have been caught in the middle of a sudden downpour, just because you forgot the carry an umbrella on a sunny morning. It’s happened ample times with me, so I have now made it a habit to check up the local weather forecast before leaving home. For designer Nathan Brunstein perhaps looking up for the weather update on TV or phone seemed tiresome, reason he’s come up with a creative way to let your breakfast inform you if you’ll need an umbrella for the day. Nathan has come up with a concept toaster dubbed the Jamy toaster. The toaster is will be built-in with a barometer and thermometer and will be capable of burning the day’s weather forecast on the toast every morning.

There is no word on the actually printing mechanism, or how the forecast will be displayed, but one thing is assured, with Jamy – you’d just have to toast and bread for breakfast and the weather forecast for the day will be printed for you.

Via: Technabob/Bangstyle

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