Japanese Picture planter

Japanese contrived picture frame deftly poses as a planter

The Japanese are renowned for their innovative planter designs. And, the latest feather to their cap is METAPHYS’s ingeniously contrived garden ‘Picture’ planter. The conception in actuality is envisaged as a framed planter which remarkably allows the plant to grow inside it! In other words, the users can ‘sow’ the plant seeds inside the planter’s frame, and then watch them grow as time passes by. This certainly alludes to the dynamic progression of ‘natural’ art, in all its effortless glory.

In terms of aesthetics, the organic growth of the plant serves as the visual as well as symbolic antithesis to the synthetic nature of the white, minimalist frame (crafted from ABS). And, since we are talking about the frame, it is available in two different shapes. The ‘landscaped’ rectangular shape hints at those panoramic views, where you can imagine yourself sitting in a beach-house and getting drunk in the sweeping horizon of grass along the shoreline. On the other hand, the more formal square shaped frame alludes to a conventional window, where the grasslands ‘kiss’ the resplendent sky with fleecy clouds.

Japanese Picture planter

Dimensions – Small square: W310mm x H310mm x D40mm; Large Square: W380 mm x H380mm x D50mm; Rectangle: W915mm x H190mm x D40mm

Prices – Small square: ¥ 3,990 (around $40)
Large square: ¥ 5,775 (around $58)
Rectangle: ¥ 8,400 (around $84)


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