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Japanese create LED light with Bluetooth, radio and USB charging features

Leave it to the Japanese to create devices that are technologically progressive yet practically functional on many levels. The ‘800-LED003’ series of lights follows along this high-tech aphorism, and it does so with its own essence of minimalist style.

Launched by Japan based general electronics manufacturer Sanwa Direct, the lighting mechanisms follow a pretty simple design form, with the bare structural consideration of the angling light sticking to the unadorned vertical stick (which in turn is supported at its base). However, there is more to 800-LED003 that what meets the eyes. According to the creators, there is a regulatory dimming effect of the LEDs that works in four separate modes. These modes can be utilized in preference with the user’s needs; for example, if one uses ‘relax mode’, the illumination would be limited between 2,500 ~ 3,300K, where if one uses ‘study mode’, the illumination would be increased to 4,300 ~ 5,300 K.

But quite amazingly, this is not the most interesting feature of the lighting mechanism. Abiding by the dictum of multi-functionality, the 800-LED003 actually has a built-in FM radio and speaker that is controlled wirelessly by Bluetooth. Furthermore, there is also a separate USB power supply port that can be used for charging your mobile devices like smartphones and MP3 players. As for pricing, the conception comes with a tag of 14,800 yen (or US $148).


Via: Sanwa

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