Tree Mount by Jason Khoo

Jason Khoo bags 15th James Dyson Award for a unique tree house platform

The most difficult part to construct while building a DIY treehouse is its foundation. This is because the base platform has to be firm enough to hold weight of entire structure; moreover it should not adversely affect growth of the tree on which it’s framed.

To make this difficult process easy, Massey industrial design graduate Jason Khoo has created a pre-built foundation called ‘Tree Mount’ for backyard treehouses. Tree Mount is basically a bracket that can be instantly mounted onto any tree without damaging it or undergoing any hassle of traditional building methods.

After researching for several weeks, Khoo found out that pre-fabricated treehouses are not very effective because a treehouse’s design must be a reflection of creativity of the user. So instead of creating a whole pre-fabricated treehouse, he decided to design the foundation upon which the users can create any desired treehouse structure.

This amazing tree mount gives you flexible and customizable platform to create your fantasy treehouse, the way you like. Its adjustable layout doesn’t have any negative impact on the tree on which it is mounted. Therefore, you can use it on any backyard tree without worrying about its further growth and development.

The design is still in concept phase and yet to be commercialized, but it would surely help the enthusiast DIY makers to repurpose their dream treehouse. Due to this innovative and practical tree mount design, Khoo has won top prize in the New Zealand section of the 15th James Dyson Award.

Other finalists were fellow industrial design graduates Emma Warren, who designed sustainable woolly shoes without using glue and Philip Leyton, who designed a modified protective bike helmet.

Tree Mount by Jason Khoo

It is a bracket that acts as foundation of the backyard treehouse

Tree Mount by Jason Khoo

Jason Khoo, designer of the Tree Mount

Tree Mount by Jason Khoo

Other finalists Emma Warren and Philip Leyton with Jason Khoo

Via: Idealog

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