Jeeg modular table by Bartoli Design

Jeeg modular table can be reconfigured to diversify your work routine

Italian design and architectural studio Bartoli Design has created its first Jeeg modular table for Mogg to diversify the workspace. It is a small-sized modular coffee table that’s ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. It consists of two separate parts: A and B, both comprising of multifaceted, irregularly octagonal perimeter.

These two parts further come with elongated pieces, which may be used singularly or combined to get several compositions. This means it can easily be constructed or deconstructed to provide a variety of configurations of considerable sizes. So, by rearranging the table components you can form desired furniture piece to suit your needs. This modular piece of furniture helps you diversify your work routine – no matter you’re at home or office.

Bartoli Design explains,

The table was inspired by the idea of fracture and rearrangement of the pieces. Stones fractures are fascinating, we’ve already developed this subject in a collection of rugs… Additionally, we studied the dimensions of outer and inner sides so that they allow different combinations as if Jeeg were a construction play.

The Jeeg modular coffee table is made entirely out of different materials like ash wood, natural, and aniline that’s dyed in a range of numerous shades. These different colors and shapes are easy to configure into any desired form and help you get the furniture to suit your changing needs.

For more information, visit the official website.

Jeeg modular table by Bartoli Design

Image: Bartoli Design

Jeeg modular table by Bartoli Design

Image: Bartoli Design

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