Jet engine ceiling fan keeps the heat down while looking absolutely cool

Ceiling fans come in all shapes and styles. The options are so many that you are virtually spoiled for choices when choosing one for your room. But then there’s a thing called DIY, and people around the world keep coming up with crazy ideas. This ceiling fan made from a jet engine is a pure example of creating something completely unrelated from something which serves a completely different purpose.


This is the work of Phighter Images who are selling this unique ceiling fan for a colossal price tag of $3000. The fans are made to look like the blades of jet engine fans made by Pratt & Whitney. One advantage that they have is a quieter sound and better air circulation right where you need it.


This most definitely makes for a perfect ceiling fan in an aviation collector’s room or someone who wants to add a touch of uniqueness to their interior décor. But, as I said, price will be a big turn-off.


Via: Gizmodo

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