Travel pillow

JetComfy Travel Pillow

This multi-function travel pillow can do various things besides resting your head on while attempting to sleep on a plane. The pillow has an extendable arm that attaches to the airplane seat’s so that it locks up in place to act like a kickstand for your head.

It even features an internal 3000 mAh battery that can charge your phone, tablet or laptop while you’re sleeping. Plus, the pillow has a little hole on the side of it for storing a pen, stylus, or light.

The size of the JetComfy makes it very compact and allows you to store it easily in your purse or backpack, or you can use the luggage strap to attach it right to the top of your luggage.

It also has a removable outer lining that you can wash when it starts looking dirty or greasy after you’ve placed your head on it during the 15-hour flight. The pillow is made from two-inch-thick memory foam material, weighs just under 1 lb, and comes in two different models: a standard version and a Plus version.

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