Joule Bracelet

Joule Bracelet gets you daily dose of coffee via your skin

We’ve seen plenty of smart gadgets and wearables like bracelets, smartwatches as well as fitness trackers. Although all these smart wearables are quite convenient for you to keep track of your routine activities, but they surely cannot help you get your daily dose of coffee. However, the all-new Joule Bracelet can help you wear your coffee on your arm, providing you the required caffeine kick without consumption of coffee.

Well, this wearable has been intergraded with a thin caffeine patch that is located on the inside of the strap. All thanks to this strap, caffeine transfers to your body through the skin rather than the mouth. Just like a nicotine patch, this patch also helps your body to absorb the caffeine on the adhesive strip through the skin.

The caffeine patch embedded into the bracelet remains in constant contact with areas on your wrist, especially on sections with high blood flow. This way the chemicals can enter and move through your body faster. This FDA-approved patch dispatches caffeine faster than drinking coffee, and includes the same amount of caffeine as a medium cup of java. But patch placement can lead to skin irritation, as well as general discomfort while wearing a sticky adhesive all day.

Joule Caffeine Bracelet helps in equal distribution of the chemical throughout the body to provide enough energy for up to four hours. The benefits of using a patch rather than drinking or eating caffeine are: it eliminates discolored teeth as well as bad breath, and you don’t have to carry a travel coffee mug with you to enjoy coffee on-the-go.

The company just launched an Indiegogo campaign, and has currently raised $41,798 out of $15,000 needed. So, very soon we’ll be able to see this caffeinated bracelet on the market. For $55, you’ll get two Joule bracelets and 60 patches, whereas the estimated shipping is by July 2016.

Joule Bracelet

Coffee patch embedded into the bracelet

Joule Bracelet

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