Journey Gym is briefcase-size portable gym to train all muscle groups

Portable gym

Staying fit is probably the last thing that you’ll have on your mind this festive season. We know, while you are gobbling up all calories possible, you wouldn’t find time to hit the gym. To get gym home so you remain fit all through Christmas and New Year celebrations, we introduce the Journey Gym – a portable gym that provides rigorous, full body workout, yet folds into size of a briefcase. Awesome! No matter what your fitness levels are, you are covered with the foldable gym, which is small enough to fit into an overhead cabinet of an airplane or slide under the bed for easy storage. The Journey Gym comprises of all essential equipment that are needed for intense strength, aerobic and circuit training while travelling or when you are at home.

The all-in-one portable gym unfolds to reveal a platform you can stand on for cardio exercises. The gym has 40 different polyurethane bands designed to provide customized weight resistance from 5 to 75 lbs, so that you can work out all you muscles. The Journey Gym comes with a set of four DVDs to help you learn various exercise you can do with the portable gym. In addition, with this gym, you can also access fitness communities, participate in live sessions with fitness trainers. The 14 1/2 pound portable gym is available for purchase at Hammacher Schlemmer for $300.

Portable gym

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