Julien Vidame’s ‘shrink & stretch’ table redefines intelligent furniture design

What if you were having a romantic dinner with your spouse or lover and suddenly your buddies or family knocks at the door? It would certainly kill the mood but family and friends are also top priority. Perhaps, keeping this thought in mind; Julien Vidame has designed a table that can shrink for a single or two and stretch according to your needs from a cozy 31 inches to a family dinner table of 62 inches and that too without the hassle of swapping legs, table tops etc. This table is indeed a great innovative design in the category of changeable furniture. If you have little space in your house, just shrink it and keep it in the balcony when not in use or stretch/grow it along the length for sitting in a garden or a room; having a cup of coffee or a meal.

Though, the table has no pricing yet, since it’s only a prototype. Julien is looking for good investors who can pop-in and invest in making this work of art & utility available in the market.

Via: Gizmodo/Gizmag

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