Jyubako tiny house with folding panels to host instant outdoor parties

Kengo Kuma, a Japanese artist has designed Jubako housing box tiny house on wheels for outdoor manufacturers Snow Peak. He combined wooden panels in different patterns to give stylish look to exteriors while incorporated LEDs in ceiling and floor to brighten the interiors elegantly. There are wooden panels over big glass windows that slide out to serve as tables for an instant outdoor party. Moreover, the interiors of the tiny dwelling gives one the feel of a nomadic mobile home.

There is a wooden staircase alongside floor-to-ceiling glass door leading to compact but delightful interiors. When all windows of Jubako are closed, it seems like a plain box serving as a nature-inspired dwelling. Its extensive wooden structure and a number of glass windows keep the space pleasurable in all seasons The wooden panels over glass windows provide additional protection during your travel or in bad weather conditions.

The sliding panels of this wooden trailer home can be opened to let in natural light from big windows or to use as retracting tables in fine get-togethers. It is a pretty thoughtful rectangular tiny home design that includes modern design elements as well as looks great with all over wooden detailing. You can see nature through big glass windows and meanwhile close them down to convert it into a sealed wooden box home. If you want to calm down your wanderlust in this wooden tiny house on wheels, purchase it from Snow Peak for approx $33650.

Designed to beautifully blend with nature

Designed to beautifully blend with outdoors

Big glass windows that could be covered with folding panels

Big glass windows that could be covered with folding panels

Floor-to-glass main door

Floor-to-glass main door

LEDs integrated in ceiling and floor

LEDs integrated in ceiling and floor

Jubako tiny house with drop-down wooden panels_5

All round wooden detailing for a nomadic touch

Folding table also serve as a bar stand for a gathering at your own box home

Folding tables also serve as a bar stand for a gathering in your own box home

Via: Fastcodesign

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