Kamarq Sound Table

Kamarq Sound Table is Your Personal Music Hub

Music is essential for setting specific atmosphere in homes, restaurants or outdoors. But Kamarq wants to take your listening experience to the next level with an interactive Sound Table, which combines IoT with furniture design. It is a digital audio table that allows homeowners or guests to listen to their favorite music simply by sitting at the table.

Sound table is integrated with a built-in speaker that can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth or companion app. At first glance, the sound table looks like any ordinary furniture unit, but once paired with your smartphone it will be your personal music hub.

The sound table app lets the user select and play the music as a timer. So, you can set desired songs for a particular hour. You can also set any other refreshing music to enjoy music together with friends while having a cup of coffee.

In addition, the app is also installed with natural sound tunes such as the sound of rain, wind, etc. This way you can enjoy the feel of the outdoor environment right within the comfort of your home. The unique piece of furniture will provide you with the ultimate listening experience. Moreover, side of the tabletop is integrated with power supply and a USB port for charging your smartphone.

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To ensure that the power supply unit doesn’t interfere with its design, only a portion of the table is embedded with power units that are further covered with a slider. The complete Sound Table lineup includes two types of the dining table, low table and bedside table in three colors each.

For this interactive furniture collection, the company has successfully raised over $3.2 million through Makuake campaign. You can preorder the furniture units from the crowdfunding website and shipping will begin sometime in July.

Kamarq Sound Table

Smartphone-controlled musical table

Kamarq Sound Table

Dining table

Kamarq Sound Table

Bedside table

Kamarq Sound Table

Low table

Kamarq Sound Table

Power supply and USB port

Via: VentureBeat

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