Kami no Tsubo Paper Vase Gives New life to Old Plastic Bottles

It is a great feeling to watch and smell your favorite flowers. There are different kinds of planters and vases available in the market that can be used to keep flowers at your bedside, coffee table or racks. You might possibly have thought of reusing ubiquitous plastic bottles to keep flowers at home, but this Japanese designer did it so beautifully.

Hiroshi Kajimoto, renowned umbrella designer has created Kami no Tsubo to utilize plastic bottles. It is a flat-pack paper sheet with narrow slit that make it an attractive cover for plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles come in different sizes and shapes, so this paper sheet comes with the ability to change its shape according to the cut strips. It will be exciting to wrap several unique-shaped bottles with Kami no Tsubo to turn them into plastic bottle paper vases. Kajimoto got inspiration from famous Japanese delicacy, Squid Sashimi that is also cut in similar strips.

Measuring 220 x 185 x 220 mm and weighing about 103 grams, it comes in three colors: blue, gold and green. You can also paint them with sketch pens in your own way. If you want one, order it from Spoon & Tomago for $12 or visit Humhumshop and Kamigu for more color options.


Image: Kamigu

Plastic bottles reused with Kami no Tsubo paper vase

Image: Kamigu

Attractive colors for unique home decor

Image: Kamigu

Changes shape accordingly

Image: Kamigu

Turn bottle into a fat or skinny vase using it

Image: Kamigu

Great for decorating homes

Image: Kamigu

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