Kammok Sunda Tent doubles as a swinging hammock shelter

Do you like heading out in the woods during a weekend, but hate sleeping on uneven, rocky terrain in a cooped tent? You must check out the Sunda Tent by Austin-based company Kammok. Unlike ordinary tents that are meant to be expanded on the ground, this portable shelter doubles as a swinging hammock shed.

This cool sleeping system can hold two people at ground level, and one when it’s raised off the ground as a hammock shelter. Besides that, it can also be used as a minimalist hammock to relax. Plus, this ultra-light shelter comes with a ground tarp and rain fly.

It measures eight feet in length and has nearly 35-square-feet of living area, which means there is enough space inside to store your luggage without compromising your comfort. Moreover, it offers an impressive 40-inches of ceiling height extending throughout the tent.

To make it withstand all climatic conditions, the hammock-tent has been made out of Lumos shell fabric, which is waterproof and also reflects heat to provide sun protection during the day and retain warmth at night.

The Sunda has successfully surpassed its initial target amount ($75,000) on Kickstarter campaign. You can expect its shipping by spring 2017.


Kammock Sunda Tent and Hammock


Sunda tent functions as a regular tent


It doubles as a hammock shelter


The hammock-tent shelter also functions as a minimalist hammock


It measures eight-feet in length


It has an impressive 40-inches of ceiling height


It is a perfect portable shelter for great outdoors

Via: HiConsumption

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