Kara Pure Water Dispenser

First Air-to-Water Dispenser Turns Moisture into Clean Drinking Water

We have covered an ample number of air purifiers and water filters in the past with some boasting their sleek body while others rely on their star-studded functionality. What if I tell you that your home could now incorporate the properties of two in a single design? Well, Kara Pure exactly offers you that.

Kara Water, a New York-based company, introduces Kara Pure, the first-ever air-to-water dispenser that creates alkaline water from the humidity in the air. The dispenser provides 9.2+ pH alkaline and mineral-rich water at room temperature.

In simpler terms, it is an innovative air-to-water filtration system that produces clean drinking water from the air and dispenses up to 10 (2.5 gallons) liters of potable water per day. The item not only functions as a water dispenser but also operates as an air purifier and a dehumidifier.

It produces clean water even from the most polluted air. Coming in the shape of a refrigerator with a stainless steel body, it uses a desiccant that absorbs water from the air which then goes through a filtration process. The air passes through this desiccant and the water is extracted and stored in Kara Pure’s storage tank. After converting purified air into water, the rest of the cleaned and purified air is released back into the environment.

The multi-stage purification system involves mineralization, sterilization, and ionization using UV light. There are seven essential natural minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, lithium, selenium, strontium, and metasilicic acid that are further added to the water to help improve the user’s immunity.

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The minimalistic design of the water dispenser allows the user to incorporate the purifier into any interior design layout and can be installed in the kitchen as well. Designed by Cody Soodeen, Kara Pure is also ideal for areas that do not have access to clean drinking water. The water dispenser is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo and on preorder for $1299.

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Image: Kara Water

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Image: Kara Water

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Image: Kara Water

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Image: Kara Water

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