KAST Concrete Knobs Provide an Industrial Look to Your Furniture

Industrial look in interior design has been around for a while now, and concrete is being used by many designers not only to create gorgeous furniture pieces but also tableware and dining units. However, the industrial material is not only limited to creating these things. The classic knobs for drawers, cabinetry and doors that were once made out of  wood and metal, are now being fabricated out of concrete. Cleveland, Ohio based company KAST Concrete has been creating splendid concrete knobs, dubbed KAST Concrete Knobs, since its launch in 2012.

Company’s designer Grey Hensey handcrafts each of these knobs to give them a distinct sort of uniqueness. The production process makes use of water-based sealers and organic pigments. Further, concrete utilized in the process creates almost a negligible waste. Thus, we can say that the product creation focuses on the sustainable and recyclable properties of the material.

While creating the KAST Concrete Knobs the designer sticks to the natural light grey color of concrete providing raw and rough, yet an elegant look to the knob, which will add an unmatched quality to your existing furnishings. A pair of knobs of this unique concrete material is priced for US$15.97, so go get them right away.

Via: Designspotter

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