smart cat exercise wheel

Keep track of feline fitness with smart cat exercise wheel

Although there are various furniture pieces and accessories for the comfort of house cats, but pampering your felines doesn’t mean you have to neglect their fitness. Plus, a cat’s tiny paws feel uncomfortable on hard floor coverings especially at witching hours. To maintain cats’ fitness while scratching their paws and prevent lack of exercise, owner of two lovey cats, Jasper and Ruben, has created a smart cat exercise wheel.

This cat exercise wheel is designed to solve two purposes: first is to keep the cats entertained and second one is to maintain their fitness through proper exercise. It is cat-propelled wheel that allows felines to run on it just like a hamster. There are built-in sensors that get activated as soon as a cat starts running on inner section of the wheel.

The interesting thing about this exercising wheel is that it can keep track of cats’ fitness all thanks to its Raspberry-Pi monitor. This smart monitor can keep tab on speed as well as distance traveled by the feline runners. It also provides metrics on how effective the cat exercise is. Even a webcam is integrated into the exercise wheel to livestream cat’s performance along with data overlay.

Following regular exercising routine within this wheel, the cats won’t become overweight and lethargic. If you want to create similar DIY cat exercising wheel for your kitty, you can follow the instructions given by the designer.

Check out the video given below to watch the big catwheel in action.

Via: DesignTaxi

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