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KFC’s Edible Scoff-ee Cup

KFC’s edible Scoff-ee Cup made from biscuit and white chocolate

People who love sipping hot coffee after a bucket full of chicken at KFC will be treated with something sweet later this year. Kentucky Fried Chicken is planning to serve coffee to their customers in an edible cup that lets you enjoy piping hot beverage and later you can even eat the cup too. Wondering how you could eat the cup? Well, it is made from sweet cookie and aptly named the Scoff-ee cup.

KFC collaborated with UK-based The Robin Collective to create this incredible cup to eat. The edible cookie cup is made from biscuit wrapped in sugar paper lined with heat-resistant white chocolate, which keeps the cup crispy even when hot coffee is served in it. Both biscuit and chocolate slowly start to melt in your mouth as you drink the coffee, but not on hands.

These cups are also infused with pleasing scents like Freshly Cut Grass, Wild Flowers and Coconut Sunscreen. So, you can enjoy your beverage along with refreshing scents. The Scoff-ee cup is under development and not yet available in stores, but it will soon be out in UK stores, this summer.

KFC’s Edible Scoff-ee Cup

The cup is made from biscuit wrapped in sugar paper lined with heat-resistant white chocolate

KFC’s Edible Scoff-ee Cup

Both biscuit and chocolate will slowly start melting in your mouth as you drink the coffee

KFC’s Edible Scoff-ee Cup

The edible cup is also infused with pleasant scents

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