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Kien modular sound system

Kien modular sound system adapts music to your location

The flexible technology is quickly adapting 21st century innovations into our everyday routine including sound system. Adding flexibility to your music system, Kien is the latest modular sound system that follows you wherever you go and adapts music to your location at the same time. It comes with subwoofer and satellites also known as subs and sats, respectively.

The sats are battery-powered portable speakers to be taken along with you to any desired location. Its rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of music playback constantly. This Hi-Fi sound system is easily expandable and knows where you are, so your music follows you around your home as well as on the go.

Whether you want to enjoy music at home, watch a movie with surround sound or bring your music to outdoor, all can be done with Kien. You can combine subs and sats together to form a powerful multiroom speaker or take single modules with you for portable audio. The wireless sound system is even aware of the speakers’ locations, which means you can relocate them without any hassle.

The sound system is compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, allowing you to easily connect with Android, iOS as well as Windows devices. It is available for preorder on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. You can pledge $599 to preorder Kien modular sound system with one sub and two sats.

Kien modular sound system

It comes with subwoofer and satellites also known as subs and sats

Kien modular sound system

Together sats and subs form a powerful multiroom speaker or single modules serve as a portable speaker

Kien modular sound system

The sound system is available in five different colors to match up with your home interior

Source: Indiegogo

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