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Kinetic Smart Desk

Kinetic Smart Desk notifies when you need to stand and sit

Kinetic Smart Desk

Desks designed for standing are gradually gaining acceptance among office goers. And there is a good reason too, as recent scientific evidences suggest that standing helps in burning your calories during sedentary office hours. The above pictured Kinetic Smart Desk from Stir builds upon this goodwill of ‘shedding pounds’, by having a few innovative features of its own. Some of them entail – a notification system that tells you when to stand and the time required to stand for an effective session of burning calories. Moreover, all of these are translated into factual figures (of burnt calories), which can be easily accessed by the user via a 4.3-inch integrated iPad-like touchscreen at the lower left corner of the desk.

The question naturally arises – how exactly does the Kinetic Smart Desk calculate the time of standing needed for individual users? Well, the conception utilizes a thermal sensor that keeps track of your standing and sitting patterns. The data is then matched up with your weight and height, which in turn allows the desk to state your ‘personalized’ standing time.

Kinetic Smart Desk

Another interesting (and a bit eccentric feature) is the ‘Whisper Breath’ that makes the desk automatically bump up and down in a gentle motion. This sort of acts as an alert mechanism when you have taken too much time to sit and rest.

Finally, coming to the core design attributes of the Kinetic Smart Desk, the hardwood crafted furniture exhibits a simple form with clean lines and unobtrusive facades. In fact, Stir’s founder JP Labrosse was an ex-designer for the original iPod, and as such Apple’s meta design language is adapted through the desk’s minimalist essence.

Now, as expected, the pricing is a bit of the heftier side with a $3,890 tag. But then again, this height-adjustable desk with ‘healthy credentials’ should be seen as much more than your regular work desk.

Kinetic Smart Desk

Via: StirWorks/Dvice

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