Kitchen Totem by Oliver Richardson

Kitchen Totems: Space saving set of utensils with pole-like design

Kitchen Totem by Oliver Richardson

Kingston University graduate Oliver Richardson has created a set of kitchen utensils in shape of decorative pole-like totems for storing spices you require for cooking mouth-watering meals. Each totem is designed for varying kitchen rituals that take place at different times of a day. These are made of brass, wood and marble pieces all stacked neatly upon each other.

Kitchen Totem by Oliver Richardson

The first design of the totem is that of eggs resting on a base made of either wood, brass, or marble. It forms multiple shapes due to variant designs of base on which eggs are placed, you can keep various spices in these tiny totems.

Kitchen Totem by Oliver Richardson

The second design comprises of a wine bottle with a wooden corkscrew at its top and a wooden candle holder with brass lining to hold a candle. This particular totem can be used to make an evening special at home with a bottle of wine under ambiance of candle light.

Kitchen Totem by Oliver Richardson

Third totem is made of marble and wood for storing salt and pepper to tenderize a steak of meat. There is a circular head at top of this wooden pole-like utensil to evenly spread pepper all over your food. You can also use these to store spices like the first totem to add flavors to any of your recipes.

Kitchen Totem by Oliver Richardson

Richardson’s amazing designs were exhibited at London’s Business Design Centre for showing the people around, how kitchen accessories can also be shaped beautifully. Similarly, more kitchen totems can be formed in various shapes and colors which will double up as décor objects within your kitchen. We are sure any one owning these Kitchen Totems would never want to hide them in drawers like regular utensils.

Kitchen Totem by Oliver Richardson

Via: Dezeen

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