Knocki can monitor your home by just tapping on any flat surface

Have you ever thought of a device that turns any flat surface into a communication hub to give commands to your smart appliances? Well, this is actually possible all thanks to Knocki, a smart device that gives you instant control over your house using any solid surface. Thus, this wireless device is designed to convert any surface into a remote control.

Knocki is a user-friendly device that is designed to be used by people from different age groups. Wondering how this smart device works? Just simply attach it to a solid surface and let this little device do wonders for your and your abode. It can even detect and identify tap or knock on any flat surfaces like tables, walls, counters, doors etc. Powered by a mobile application, the actions can be specified by number of taps and knocks on a flat surface. The mobile application is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and can be managed via web, giving every user a nonstop prospect.

To provide endless possibilities to the users, knocki can identify up to 10 different patterns of knock and taps. Each knock or tap can be programmed to perform a specific task using its smartphone app. According to Jake Boshernitzan, co-founder of the company, knocki is designed with the motive to upgrade and accessorize home into a smart home.

Knocki incorporates accelerometer algorithms, which are combined with proprietary power budgeting logic that helps in providing a seamless and hassle free experience to its users. Knocki works with IFTTT in already smart homes and is compatible with Wemo, Nest, Wink, Insteon and also with other third-party devices. Knocki is in its pre-order phase and is coming 40-percent off for early birds i.e. for $59. So pre-order one for yourself and convert your home into a smart home, which can be managed with just one tap of your fist.


Works on any flat surface


It is smart home automation device


Compatible with third-party platforms


Convert anything into a remote control


Program the taps and knock and let knocki give command on your behalf


Capable of converting home into smart home


Comes with free mobile application, which is compatible with Android, iOS and web

Via: Gizmag

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