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Kodama Zomes

Kodama Zomes: Swinging pod to curl up in your own little world

Do you ever feel like escaping the world and curl up in your own little world? Then, there is nothing better than in an indoor/outdoor swinging pod entitled as Kodama Zomes. You can hang it freely from a tree or free standing structure to enjoy your personal space while swinging around exotic outside views.

Designed by licensed structural engineer Richie Duncan, the geometrical structure of Zome is designed using 3D engineering software. The name Zome comes from combining the words dome and zohodehral (inspired by geodesic domes of architect Buckminster Fuller and the shapes of a zonohedron). You can hang it on tree limb in your backyard, over lake at a cottage or simply inside a spacious home.

This versatile little nook will certainly make a perfect getaway from reality for one or more persons. Besides snoozing, reading or chatting with friends, you can even use this unique hanging space for practicing yoga in mid air. The magical swinging pod indeed creates wonderland atmosphere along with a relaxing place to hang-out anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Kodama Zomes

The geometrical structure of Zome is designed using 3D engineering software

Kodama Zomes

It forms a perfect cozy space for both indoor and outdoor use

Kodama Zomes

You can hang it on tree limb in your backyard or over lake at a cottage

Kodama Zomes

It can accommodate more that two persons with ease

Kodama Zomes

You can even use it to practice yoga in mid air

Kodama Zomes

It can also be covered with a thin cloth to protect yourself from sunrays

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