Koeda mixer tap delivers cold and hot water on twist of a dial

It’s not every day that we come across exciting new intuitive mixer taps made to transform your bathroom into an exquisite one. But today is your lucky day, as we acquaint you with the Student Winner 2012 – Koeda, an exciting new mixer tap that incorporates simplicity with an innovative use of light to indicate change in water temperature. Designed by ShanShan Wang the Koeda is inspired by the organic themes of nature and hand motions, and is handmade in porcelain and finished with a flawless glaze.

The Koeda features a progressive cartridge that provide the mixer tap a native dial control, which means on rotating the tap’s dial clockwise water temperature steadily changes from cold to hot. Moreover, the water’s pressure flow gradually increases as the dial is rotated further to ensure that the user doesn’t accidently turn up excessive water flow, thus minimizing wastage of water. Besides this, the Koeda is build-in with a series of six LED lights powered by a pair of lithium batteries, which indicate the mix of cold and hot water – sky blue represents cold, orange indicates warm and red means the water is hot.

Via: BathroomInnovation

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