Kohler Clarity

Kohler Clarity offers 40 liters of safe water everyday

Kohler, a leading name in the plumbing industry, has developed a ceramic filtration system called Kohler Clarity with the aim of providing safe drinking water to each and everyone. The company has partnered with World Vision, iDE and Water Mission to bolster the cause. The filtration system will offer people living in remote locations access to safe and reliable drinking water.

According to Kohler, approximately 1.8 billion people are affected worldwide by drinking unsafe water and this is what motivated them to create Kohler Clarity. The simple yet powerful water filter is fashioned to filter up to 40 liters of water per day, thus meeting drinking requirement of a typical family. All thanks to the ceramic filter, Clarity can strain out more than 99 percent of bacteria and protozoa, while costing less than 1 percent per person per day.

Unveiled at Greenbuild 2015, the incredibly simple machine is designed while keeping the global health leader PATH’s C1 filter guidelines in mind. The ceramic filter placed on top can easily hold 11 liters of dirty water that after filtration flows into 12 liters reservoir below designed to store clean water. The filter works on gravity alone and does not require electricity or water infrastructure to work.

With an estimated lifespan of over one year, the filter cartridge is made with silver for antimicrobial properties, thus eliminating need to purchase new system. Backed by Kohler’s community, the filtration system is easy to assemble and clean. For better operation and usage, the blue lid on top is engraved with pictorial instructions to provide easy understandability on the usage of the device.

To provide extremely efficient filter, Clarity has already undergone initial laboratory evaluation, while field-testing has begun in India and Africa from November itself. Expected to be released in January 2016, the company is very positive about offering aspirational product at an affordable price so that NGOs and end users do not have to compromise over quality.

Kohler Clarity

Filters approximately 40 liters per day – enough for a small family

Kohler Clarity

Ceramic filtration system to provide safe and reliable drinking water

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