KOIKE-YA Launches One-Hand Potato Chips Packet

KOIKE-YA Launches One-Hand Potato Chips Packet

If you worried about greasing your phone while picking out chips and texting at the same time, then Japanese snack food manufacturer KOIKE-YA has developed a solution for you. The company has created one-of-a-kind packaging that lets you suck up potato chips without touching one.

KOIKE-YA’s one-hand chip packets contain crispy potato sticks, served in a specially designed pack with a cuttable corner that directs chip bits directly into the mouth. The company wanted to make a product that makes it possible to pour down chips into the mouth using just one hand, and have they done it well?

These chips come in three flavors – Hot Chilli, BBQ, and Salted. There’s a step-by-step guide available on how to open the packet without dirtying the hands. It seems to be a perfect invention for lazy buffs that don’t want to have chips the way they’re meant to be had.

The KOIKE-YA one-hand chips packets come for about $3 at Blippo, but are currently out of stock.

KOIKE-YA Launches One-Hand Potato Chips Packet

Image: Blippo

KOIKE-YA Launches One-Hand Potato Chips Packet

Image: Blippo

Via: WSJ/Munchies 

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